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Snow daze

Published 3 months ago • 1 min read

Today (actually yesterday) was a snow day for my son.

We got a ton of freezing rain early this morning.

And usually on Tuesdays I “work from home.”

That means I do, well, some work.

But not a whole lot.

See, I work at a place where a vast majority of the in-person days involve screwing around in the office for several hours.

I won’t even get into some of the shenanigans that happen in the office… but I will say, it involves a whole lot of not working.

But today, “in the office,” my son and I were playing Minecraft, I got spat up on (three times), and I spent some time journaling.

It’s nice to have snow daze.

This was the fourth snow day my son had this school year…

And it was the day after they had a field trip.

Lucky kid.

I lucked out too… it was almost like I got to experience that childlike joy of seeing school was cancelled on the TV marquee…

Except it was just a WFH day.

Thankfully since I didn’t have tons of work-work to do I was able to play some catchup on personal things all while hanging with my wife and kids.

Now that I’ve separated myself from the Twitter whirlpool, I’m taking some time to catch up on some stuff that I fell behind on…

That is, before I start posting on LinkedIn again.

Btw I’ve learned a lot about what NOT to when building a personal brand on social media.

Your mental health is not worth giving up in exchange for a platform that’s probably not as top-of-funnel as you think.

Keep your relationships with tech in-check.


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